References and Help for Wounded Warriors

This page provides links and information for programs and services that may be of help to Wounded Warriors, their families, and Mentors.  Being posted on this page is not an endorsement by WWMPSA.  If any changes, updates, or issues with these links or entries, please let our Web Master via our Contact Us page  HERE.

ADAPTIVE RECONDITIONING PROGRAM  Here is a listing of special events and a weekly schedule of programs for Active Duty and Veteran Service Members who have special requirements.  Check this out HERE

MILITARY CAREGIVERS SUPPORT FORUM  For those who provide assistance to Wounded Warriors.  Look HERE for meetings and contacts to help you take care of yourself and your Wounded Warrior.

SAN ANTONIO VET CENTER READJUSTMENT COUNSELING SERVICE  Get information on VA Counseling Centers and Services.  Check out these resources and services.

TEAM R4V (Racing for Veterans) Look HERE to see how this program provides assistance and encouragement to Wounded Warriors seeking to use sports to help in their daily life.  Contact information is HERE.

OPERATION HOOFBEAT Here is a unique opportunity for Wounded Warriors to get assistance with therapy or just recreation while interacting with horses.  Check out this program HERE.

DISABLED SPORTS USA Warfighter Sports is helping to rebuild lives through sports.  For more information on their programs and opportunities check HERE.  For ways to contact Warfighter Sports check HERE.

STRAPS South Texas Regional Adaptive and Paralympic Sports.  For Wounded Warriors looking to become engaged with others in a variety of sports, check out this program for a schedule of activities throughout the week and a listing of activities. Check  HERE.

Office of Warrior Care Policy  Mr Erasmo Valles (Contractor) Operation Warfighter (OWF)  Regional Coordinator  Region 6 – Southern Region  PHONE: 210-452-5125   14100 San Pedro Ave  SA  TX  78232


NWBA National Office
1130 Elkton St. Suite A
Colorado Springs, CO 80907,
Phone: 719-266-4082
Fax: 719-266-4876

Texas Veterans Entrepreneur Program   The purpose of the Veteran Entrepreneur Program (VEP) is to foster and promote Veteran Entrepreneurship throughout the state of Texas.  The VEP aims to bridge the gap between the available resources and Veteran entrepreneurs. Identifying funding sources, mentors, business opportunities and business education programs then providing that data in a one-stop-shop to demystify the business start-up process for would-be Veteran entrepreneurs and provide much needed support for fledgling Veteran Owned Businesses. For more information and contact POCs click HERE

Career Skills Program (CSP) links transitioning Service Members with apprenticeship and internship programs in the civilian workforce during final 180 days on active duty.  For more information click HERE                                         JBSA Career Skills Program Office 210-221-1340


The National Resource Directory (NRD) is a resource website that connects wounded warriors, Service Members, Veterans, their families, and caregivers to programs and services that support them.  It provides access to services and resources at the national, state and local levels to support recovery, rehabilitation and community reintegration. Visitors can find information on a variety of topics that supply an abundance of vetted resources.  Click HERE for more information.

Vet TRIIP  WE are Veterans and Service Providers in your community who provide proven and innovative methods, such as therapeutic massage, EFT, Energy Techniques, chiropractic Adjustments and Acupuncture, to relieve stress and chronic pain.  Click HERE for more information.

Motorcycle Relief Project  is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization that provides relief to veterans with PTSD and other injuries by taking them on multi-day motorcycle adventure tours. Our mission is to honor and encourage veterans while providing them with opportunities to decompress, get unstuck, and connect with other veterans.  For more information click HERE.